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DBU offers an accelerated B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting degree for qualifying undergraduate students. Graduates of this program will demonstrate competence in the foundational areas of business, possess technical skills and knowledge in accounting, and meet the education requirements of the Texas State Board of Accountancy necessary to register for the CPA examination.

Students enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelorís and Masterís B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting degree program are required to complete a minimum of 150 credit hours. The B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting degree prepares students for careers as professional accountants in public practice. In addition to eleven common-core courses required of all B.B.A. degree programs, which include 6 hours of principles-level accounting courses, and 7 common-core courses required of all M.B.A. degree programs, accounting majors complete 14 required upper-level accounting courses.

Retention in and Graduation from the Program
Students must fulfill the following conditions to continue enrollment in the 5-year B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting degree and graduate from the program:

* Students must maintain an overall institutional GPA of 3.0 and an institutional GPA of 3.0 in upper-level accounting coursework.
* Students must be advised by a full-time accounting professor before enrollment each semester.
Undergraduate Requirements
Semester Hours
Developing A Christian Mind
  DCM 2301
  ECON 2301 and 2302
  ENGL 1301, 1302, and 2301 or 2302
Fine Arts
  FINE 1306 
Foundations for Excellence
  FOUN 1101 is required of all first year and transfer students with fewer than 15 credit hours (AP, CLEP, IB, or dual/concurrent credit earned while in high school does not count towards these 15 credit hours).
  HIST 1301, 1302, 2301, or 2302
  KNES 1101 and one additional activity course (KNES 1102-1122); for veterans or those 25 years of age or older prior to enrollment at DBU, KNES courses are waived.
  MATH 1307 and 1308 [Math Advising Tool (eMAT) required prior to registering for any Math class or any class for which the eMAT is a prerequisite.]
Natural Science (1000 or 2000 level courses only)
  One laboratory science from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Physical Science, or Physics.
  RELI 1301, 1302, and three additional credit hours depending on credit hours transferred at time of initial enrollment.
Social Sciences (1000 or 2000 level courses only)
  POLS 2301 and an additional three credit hours may be selected from Psychology or Sociology.
  COMA 1302
Total General Studies Hours
B.B.A. in Accounting
Business Core 30
ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2302 Principles of Managerial Accounting
FINA 3301 Corporate Financial Management
MANA 3301 Principles of Management (S-L)
MANA 3305 Managerial Statistics
MANA 3306 Management Communication
MANA 3308 Business and Public Law
MANA 4301 Operations and Quality Management
MISM 3301 Information Systems for Management
MRKT 3301 Principles of Marketing
Accounting Major 27
ACCT 3300 Survey of Accounting Systems
ACCT 3301* Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCT 3302 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT 3304* Managerial Cost Accounting
ACCT 3323* Income Taxation of Individuals
ACCT 4301 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT 4302 Income Taxation of Entites
ACCT 4304 Auditing (S-L)
ACCT 4332 Financial Accounting Theory
*Prerequisite: Prior to taking ACCT 3301, 3304, or 3323, students must complete MATH 1307 or the mathematics requirement for their degree plan.
Electives 0-6
  • In order to satisfy the ďUndergraduate onlyĒ portion of an accelerated degree plan, sufficient lower-level and upper-level elective hours must be taken to complete the minimum number of Undergraduate credit hours required for each specific accelerated degree.
  • For this accelerated degree, a minimum of 114 degree-applicable undergraduate credit hours is required.
  • As part of this accelerated degree plan, 6 shared graduate hours will be counted toward a minimum of 42 upper-level undergraduate credit hours required for all bachelorís degrees. This equates to a total of 36 undergraduate upper-level credit hours required.
Total Undergraduate Hours 114-115
Shared Undergraduate/Graduate Courses (6 hours) 6
MANA 6320 Business Ethics
MANA 6341 Strategic Management Decisions (S-L)
(Capstone course)
Remaining Graduate Requirements
M.B.A. in Accounting Requirements
Required Core Courses 15
  FINA 6301 Corporate Finance
MANA 6302 Quantitative Analysis for Managers
MANA 6310 Leadership in Management
MISM 6314 Management Information Systems
MRKT 6301 Creative Problem Solving for Marketing Decisions (S-L)
M.B.A. Accounting Major 15
ACCT 6330 Tax Planning and Research
ACCT 6335 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 6355 Case Studies in Advanced Accounting Topics
Choose two (2) courses from the electives below:
ACCT 6343 Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities
ACCT 6345 Fraud and Forensic Accounting
ACCT 6346 Advanced Auditing

Permission to pursue the Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program:  B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting


Students wishing to pursue the B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting program should file a Statement of Commitment during the spring semester of the junior year (after 75 credit hours) following completion of ACCT 3301.


The Statement of Commitment must be signed by the undergraduate advisor, a full-time accounting professor, the Graduate School of Business M.B.A. Program Director, and the Dean of the College of Business.

* The accelerated B.B.A. Accounting/M.B.A. Accounting degree plan must be completed and signed by the undergraduate advisor and a full-time accounting professor.

Students must be advised by a full-time accounting professor prior to enrollment in each semester.


Students must apply to and be accepted in the M.B.A. program at the completion of 96 credit hours (including current enrollment).

Permission to pursue the Accelerated Bachelorís and Masterís Degree Program: B.B.A./M.B.A. Accounting program does not guarantee admission to the M.B.A. program. Once students have completed 96 credit hours, they may apply for admission into Graduate School. Students may not enroll in 6000 level courses prior to admission by the Graduate School.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.

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