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Patty Whiteley
Director of Academic Advising
AIM Program Coordinator

AIM Program/Undeclared Students and Associate Degree
Patty Whiteley, Director of Academic Advising AIM students & baseball players 214-333-6843 Collins 106
Mark McFaul Associate Degrees & Undecideds 214-333-5502 Collins 112
College of Business
Dr. Dale Sims, Dean   214-333-5249 Collins 311
Sergiy Saydometov, Associate Dean Finance 214-333-5626 Collins 311A
Stephen Crane, Assistant Dean Accounting 214-333-5239 Collins 311A
Brent Beale MAM/MBA 214-333-5538 Collins 328E
Dr. Earl Crisp Management 214-333-5704 Collins 328G
Ollie Finney MBA/MAM 214-333-5341 Collins 328B
Dr. Justin Gandy Management 214-333-6840 Collins 320
Seaver Helms MBA/MAM 214-333-6874 Collins 328E
Dr. Joanne Hix MBA/MAM 214-333-5793 Collins 328/DBU-N
Dr. Bobbie Martindale Accelerated BBA with Accounting 214-333-5268 Collins 303A
Kelly Morris Undergraduate Advisor 214-333-5294 Collins 311A
Richard Nassar MBA/MAM 214-333-6801 Collins 328B
Dr. Ross O'Brien Management 214-333-5399 Collins 307
Dr. Sandra Reid MBA 214-333-6860 Collins 328A
Jim Tennison MA Sport Management 214-333-5643 Collins 319
College of Christian Faith
Dr. Steve Mullen, Dean Christian Studies 5 Year 214-333-5163 Collins 205
Dr. Jonathan Kim, Associate Dean Christian Studies 214-333-5231 Collins 201
Dr. Mark Alexander Intercultural Studies 214-333-5929 Global 214
Dr. Jan Daehnert Christian Studies 5 Year 214-333-5855 Collins 203
Dr. Joseph Matos Biblical Studies 214-333-5393 Collins 204
Dr. David Naugle Philosophy 214-333-5248 Collins 207
Eddie Walker Camp/Sport Leadership Director 214-333-5672 Global 205
College of Education
Dr. Neil Dugger, Dean   214-333-5202 Education 102
Bob Burgin, Associate Dean   214-333-5245 Education 105
Judy Abercrombie Undergraduate Advisor 214-333-5487 Education 111
Dr. Bonnie Bond MED School Counseling 214-333-6838 Education 122
Jean Dudley Undergraduate Advisor 214-333-5404 Education 106
Dr. June Elms Kinesiology 214-333-5330 Halliday 112
Dr. Ray Galloway MA Kinesiology 214-333-5253 Halliday 111
Dr. Tam Jones MED Leadership 214-333-5402 Education 123
Martha Oldenburg Undergraduate Advisor 214-333-5417 Education 108
Dr. MaryBeth Sanders MED Special Education 214-333-5547 Education 120
Dr. Carolyn Spain MAT/Pathways to Teaching 214-333-5217 Education 124
Dr. Debbie Tribble MED Curriculum/Instruction 214-333-5831 Education 110
College of Fine Arts
Dr. Ron Bowles, Dean BM Church Music; MUSB Worship Leadership 214-333-5520 Horner 207
Dr. Wes Moore, Associate Dean BM Vocal Perf.; BA/BS MUSB Live Perf. 214-333-5331 Horner 206
Dr. Terry Fansler MUSB Recording 214-333-5495 Horner 101
Dr. Stephen Holcomb BA/BS Music; MUSB Live Performance 214-333-5364 Horner 208
Greg Hollabaugh Communication Broadcast/Digital Media 214-333-5636 Horner 104
Jim Hutchinson Communication Graphic Design 214-333-5395 Horner 106
Dr. Caia McCullar Music Education 214-333-5708 Blackaby 301
Dr. Joanne Morgan MA Communication 214-333-6854 Horner 105
Dr. J. Beth Quillian BM Piano Perf.; MUSB Live Performance 214-333-5707 Blackaby 116
Dr. Danny Rose Communication Theory 214-333-5475 Horner 103
Dr. Barbara Wallace BM Theory/Comp.; MUSB Songwriters 214-333-5314 Horner 205
Dr. Dawna Walsh Art 214-333-5300 Collins 317A
Dr. Jennifer Weaver BA/BS MUSB Songwriters 214-333-5638 Blackaby 113
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Rob Sullivan, Associate Dean Political Science 214-333-5671 Collins 219
Dr. Karen Alexander English 214-333-5827 Collins 311B
Dr. Mary Becerril MA Counseling 214-333-5265 Collins 221
Dr. Toby Buchanan Sociology 214-333-5383 Collins 223
Dr. Bob Colton Psychology 214-333-5230 Collins 227
Dr. Richard Conroy Criminal Justice 214-333-5496 Collins 210
Dr. Rebecca Dark English 214-333-6951 Collins 220
Dr. Joan Davis Psychology 214-333-6855 Collins 111A
Dr. Marilyn Edwards Psychology 214-333-5348 Collins 236
Dr. Jodi Grimes English 214-333-5416 Collins 217A
Dr. Michelle Henry English 214-333-5247 Collins 230
Dr. Jean Humphreys Sociology 214-333-5262 Collins 229
Greg Kelm History/Interdisciplinary Studies 214-333-6865 Collins 225
Daniel Kung Criminal Justice 214-333-5178 Collins 224
Dr. Deborah McCollister English 214-333-5416 Collins 217A
Dr. Philip Mitchell English/Honors Program 214-333-5226 Collins 222
Dr. Mary Nelson English 214-333-5396 Collins 237
Beverly Powell English 214-333-6899 Collins 228
Dr. Laura Ross MA Counseling 214-333-5273 Collins 217
Dr. Gail Wallace Sociology 214-333-5440 Collins 328D
Dr. Dana Wicker Psychology 214-333-5883 Collins 111B
Dr. Mike Williams History 214-333-5276 Collins 211
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Dionisio Fleitas, Dean As Needed 214-333-5481 Roberts 222B
Dr. Han-Chieh Wei, Associate Dean Computer Science 214-333-5287 Roberts 116
Dr. Mark Bloom Biology/Pre-Nursing 214-333-5391 Roberts 210
Dr. Tom Bush Environmental Science 214-333-5318 Roberts 213
Dr. Aaron Fletcher Biology/Pre-Med 214-333-5519 Roberts 109A
Dr. Debra Hinson Biology/Pre-Med 214-333-5301 Roberts 111C
Drew Ivey Biology/Pre-Med 214-333-5850 Roberts 105
Andrew LaFavers Environmental Science 214-333-5243 Roberts 214
Dr. Curtis Lee Biology/Pre-Med 214-333-5302 Roberts 107
Dr. John McCuin Computer Science/Natural Sciences/Math 214-333-5497 Roberts 212
Dr. Deanna Noyes Natural Sciences/Biology 214-333-5319 Roberts 108
Dr. Stewart Tung Math 214-333-5304 Roberts 110
Dr. Greg Wilson Natural Sciences 214-333-5559 Roberts 224
College of Professional Studies
Dr. Jeremy Vickers, Dean   214-333-5489 Dean 201A
Dr. Wayne Davis, Associate Dean PRST Advisor 214-333-5339 Dean 201E
Pattie Kline PRST Recruiter 214-333-5882 Dean 201C
Allyson Miller Veteran Advisor 214-333-5557 Dean 104
Paul Smith CFNI/Hillsong Recruiter 214-333-6829 Dean 201G
Cindy Stroud CFNI/Hillsong Advisor 214-333-5809 Dean 201F
Becky Gose Degree Plan Coordinator 214-333-5277 Dean 201B
Tempress Jackson Director of Corporate Relations 214-333-7162 Dean 107
DBU Hurst-Colleyville
Dr. Donovan Fredricksen, Director PRST Advisor 214-333-5405 DBU-HC
Anita Douris,
Director of Counseling/Retention
PRST Advisor 214-333-5419 DBU-HC
Joyce Wallace, Director of Weekend College PRST Advisor 214-333-5229 DBU-HC
DBU North
Wendell Wright,
  214-333-5780 DBU-N
Dr. Joe Cook MA Counseling 214-333-5787 DBU-N
Richard Nassar MAM/MSM/MBA 214-333-5793 DBU-N
Tim Tate DBU North Advisor 214-333-5784 DBU-N
Patricia Head New Student Advisor 214-333-5782 DBU-N
International Office
Susie Lambright, Director Int'l Student Services   214-333-6806 Moon Ctr. 108
Yuta Motegi, Asst. to Director Int'l Student Services   214-333-6907 Moon Ctr.
Tim Watts, Director Int'l Admissions   214-333-6905 Global Missions Center
Philip Homer, Director ESL Program   214-333-6833 Moon Ctr. 104
Steven Christopher Int'l Transportation Coordinator 214-333-5426 Moon Ctr.
Jason Chung Student Services Liaison 214-333-5451 Moon Ctr.
Whitney McDonald English Camp Coordinator 214-333-6859 Moon Ctr.
Master of Liberal Arts/Master of Professional Development
Angela Fogle, Director MLA 214-333-6801 Collins 331
Eric Wyatt, Director MAPD 214-333-5621 Strickland 204E
Gary Cook School of Leadership
Dr. Rodney Garrett MED Higher Education 214-333-5740 Nation 201
Dr. Jack Goodyear Ph.D. Leadership Studies 214-333-5595 Nation 201
Mark Hale MED Higher Education 214-333-5503 Collins 321
Dr. Ozzie Ingram Ed.D. in Educational Leadership 214-333-6875 Nation 201
Mamo Ishida MED Higher Education & East Asian Studies 214-333-5812 Nation 006
Dr. Sue Kavli Ph.D. Business 214-333-5381 Nation 201
Dr. Nancy McLaughlin Ed.D. K-12 214-333-5545 Pilgrim 304A
Dr. Herb Pedersen Internship Program 214-333-5563 Pilgrim 303F
Graduate School of Ministry
Dr. Bob Brooks, Dean, Director MA in Worship Leadership 214-333-5390 Pilgrim 301A
Dr. Judy Morris Associate Dean 214-333-5494 Pilgrim 301B
Dr. Norm Blackaby Graduate Ministry Students 214-333-5142 Pilgrim 304C
Jason Caillier MA in Family Ministry 214-333-5599 Pilgrim 201
Dr. Bob Garrett MA in Global Leadership 214-333-5292 Global Missions Center 216
Dr. Jim Lemons MA in Theological Studies 214-333-5366 Collins 206
Dr. Shelly Melia MA in Children's Ministry and MA in Christian Education 214-333-5943 Pilgrim 202
Dr. David Smith MA in Christian Ministry 214-333-5375 Pilgrim 304D
Dr. Dwayne Ulmer MA in Student Ministry 214-333-5387 Pilgrim 204
Dr. Tom Vann Chaplaincy Program 214-333-5805 Pilgrim 304
Dr. Melvin Wells MA in Worship Leadership 214-333-6880 Pilgrim 304E
Wendell Wright, Director Ministry Engagement 214-333-5528 Pilgrim 301

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     closed for lunch from 12:00 - 1:00

    1st floor of the Library, through the     doors, straight back, then on your right.



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