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All users of the Internet through the DBU computer system must conform to DBU policy for use of its computer facilities and also to all federal and state laws. Use of the Internet should conform to DBU’s emphasis on Christian values and guidelines.


All students are required to have their personal computer equipped with antivirus software.  Any violation of this policy will result in loss of access to the DBU computer network.  Unauthorized devices such as hubs, switches, servers, and domain controllers discovered on the DBU network can be removed and the owner will face disciplinary sanctions.


Students are prohibited from illegally downloading any materials which are protected by a federal or state copyright or trademark laws, including but not limited to computer software, music, and movies.  Such illegal activities can result in personal liability for the student.  DBU may be required by law to provide the names of suspected illegal downloaders. The University has the ability to monitor and control internet access. DBU suggests legal alternatives to file-sharing. For information on copyright laws and legal alternatives, please visit Dallas Baptist University is not legally responsible for the personal online activities or publications of students, which are solely a result of their individual independent judgment. Students who use the resources and equipment of DBU to personally publish any opinions, material, or other information expressly assume all responsibility and liability for that publication and waive any right to make claims against the University for injury or damages resulting from that use. This includes claims for libel and copyright infringement.


Violations of DBU computer, network, and/or e-mail policies by students will result in disciplinary action with sanctions that may include parental notification, suspension or expulsion, criminal charges, and/or monetary fines.  


Activities Specifically Prohibited Include, but are not Limited to, the Following:

  • Viewing internet material deemed inappropriate by Dallas Baptist University;
  • Attempts to find out another user’s password or attempts to break into or hack another user’s account. A computer, computer account, or electronic mail account assigned to an individual must not be used by others without explicit permission from DBU. You are responsible for proper password protection;
  • Attempts to circumvent authentication procedures;
  • Use of another user’s connection to the DBU network;
  • Use of any equipment which interferes with or disrupts the use of the DBU network services of other users;
  • Any attempt to hack or otherwise break into or disrupt service;
  • Deliberate acts which jeopardize the integrity of any computer equipment, systems, programs, or any other stored information, including the deliberate propagation of computer viruses;
  • Attempts to make unauthorized copies of software or otherwise violate applicable copyright laws;
  • Disconnection, connections, or switching of any DBU equipment including printers, servers, etc.;
  • Failure to follow the university e-mail and Internet policies; conduct which violates the DBU Student Handbook;
  • Fraudulent, harassing, or obscene messages and/or materials are not to be sent, viewed, or stored;
  • Electronic communications facilities (such as e-mail) are for university related activities only. E-mail and Internet access can be monitored by the university at any time. Chain letters and other forms of mass mailings are not allowed;
  • Loading or installing personal software onto the network;
  • Use of DBU computers, printers and other equipment or accounts for commercial or non-university related purposes;
  • Modifying or tampering with network services, wireless access points, wiring, and ports in your room or elsewhere on campus without explicit written permission. This includes extending the network beyond the single network outlet (using a hub, wireless access point, remote access servers, routers, etc.);
  • Establishing a server (for example, game servers) or providing a service that utilizes the shared university bandwidth;
  • Registering an outside domain host name that refers to an IP address within the domain;
  • Only certain wireless devices are allowed on our network at this time, please check with Information Technology for the currently accepted wireless devices;
  • Any wireless device or other network device found in unauthorized usage on the DBU network will be confiscated without notice and held pending disciplinary action;
  • No system or network files may be copied from the DBU servers to your DBU personal account or removable media;
  • No system or network files may be copied from external sources to your DBU personal account or into the DBU file servers, or run from removable media;
  • No broadcast messages may be sent from your DBU e-mail account to anyone through the use of any system message utility;
  • No student will be allowed to configure any part of their system for sharing with another student. This includes hard drives, printers and other such resources;
  • No global e-mail messages can be sent without approval;
  • No sending or downloading large files that could impede or disrupt network speed for other campus users;
  • No changing of your IP address to anything other than the one assigned to you by Information Technology;
  • No using any file sharing applications. This also includes file and print sharing.
  • Due to wireless interference, it is prohibited to have a 2.4 GHz phone in your residence hall or apartment. If you are found with this device it will be confiscated.



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