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Graduate Course Descriptions

MALA 5336   (3-3-0)   Illustration I

Students in this course are introduced to the methods of illustration, old and new, through a limited survey of the history of American Illustration. Each student is required to choose an abridged classic manuscript supplied by the instructor and a total of three major illustrations must be completed for that story. A research notebook compiling the students’ favorite illustrators will also be completed. This 5000-level course is cross-listed with a 4000-level course and includes specific graduate course requirements which reflect appropriate deeper learning experiences and rigor in the higher-level course.   

  • Offered: Spring, even-numbered years.
  • Prerequisite: ART 1302 Design II and ART 2303 Drawing II or MALA 5376 Drawing and the Liberal Arts I.
  • Cross Listed Courses: ART/COMA 4328

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