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MAGL 5359    (3-3-0)   Travel Study in East Asia
Discover the vibrant culture, history, and society of East Asia, with a particular travel focus on one East Asian country. This travel study course introduces students to important cities, major historical sites, and different cultural regions. In addition, this inter-cultural experience provides service-learning opportunities in the East Asian culture where students will engage in activities beneficial to the society visited and report on what they learned from their service. Students will develop an elementary understanding of a host country’s history and culture, and experience local customs first-hand. Travel abroad and inter-cultural exercises teach students to manage different customs, norms, and expectations produced by inter-cultural encounter. Engaging in inter-cultural experiences during travel enriches students’ understanding and exploration of historical heritage, and social realities in East Asia. This 5000-level course is cross-listed with a 4000-level course and includes specific graduate course requirements which reflect appropriate deeper learning experiences and rigor in the higher-level course.   Fall.
Prerequisite: None.
Cross Listed Courses: HIST 4359, SOCI 4359, MALA 5364

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