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Graduate Course Descriptions

MAGL 5335   (3-3-0)   Biographies of Outstanding Missionaries

The course consists of reading biographies of inspiring examples of Christian living and ministry from the history of missions. Students will read biographies from the early church, from medieval missions, from the modern missionary movement, and from recent missionary leaders. These personal models for kingdom work are instructive in learning personal habits that can achieve greatness in servant leadership and provide case studies by which missiological principles and strategies may be deduced. This class relates intimately to teh DBU mission of integrating faith and learning, since the class considers how good examples of lives lived ot honor God have contributed significantly to human good and have achieved significance in very different settings all around the world. This 5000-level course is cross-listed with a 4000-level course and includes specific graduate course requirements which reflect appropriate deeper learning experiences and rigor in the higher-level course.  

  • Offered: Spring.
  • Prerequisite: None.
  • Cross Listed Courses: INCS 4335

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