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Graduate Course Descriptions

CRJS 5322   (3-3-0)   Crime and Drug Problems and Control

History and casual factors of drugs and vice-type crimes, with emphasis on current education prevention programs, the effects of drug usage, along with the varied methods being utilized by governmental officials to control gambling, prostitution, pornography and other vice-type crimes. Explores the role of organized crime in these types of offenses, along with the criminal laws necessary to effectively control the activities of organized crime groups. This 5000-level course is cross-listed with a 4000-level course and includes specific graduate course requirements which reflect appropriate deeper learning experiences and rigor in the higher-level course.  

  • Offered: Spring.
  • Prerequisite: CRJS 1302 or Undergraduate Major/Minor in Criminal Justice or Past/Present Services as a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Cross Listed Courses: CRJS 4306

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