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Graduate Course Descriptions

MRKT 51.521   (1.5-1-0)   Marketing Concepts

The topics covered in this course include an overview of marketing history, marketing strategy, environmental forces, buyer behavior, market analysis, product strategy and developments, channels of distribution, promotional strategy and advertising, and pricing strategy. Equivalent to MRKT 3301 Principles of Marketing.  

  • Offered: Fall, Summer, Spring, Online.
  • Prerequisite: None.

MRKT 6301   (3-3-0)   Creative Problem Solving for Marketing Decisions (S-L)

This course explores the relationship between the creative process and marketing decisions. Students will learn effective methods of divergent and convergent thinking as tools to solve problems, meet goals, and approach challenges and opportunities in a marketing environment.  This course contains a field-based service-learning component.

  • Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 51.521 or undergraduate equivalent.

MRKT 6302   (3-3-0)   Business Development Strategies

Marketing strategies designed to strengthen the performance of the marketing organization will be discussed. Current topics examined in this course include strategic alliance partnerships, market opportunity assessment, market segmentation strategies, customer satisfaction, and business to business marketing.  

  • Offered: Periodically.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 6301 (S-L).

MRKT 6303   (3-3-0)   New Product Development

This course focuses on the process of creating and marketing new products. Topics discussed include the new product development process, prototyping, market assessment, new product strategies, and other related areas. The course includes a combination of lectures, discussions, and case analyses.  

  • Offered: Periodically.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 6301.

MRKT 6312   (3-3-0)   Consumer and Buyer Behavior

This course applies concepts, principles and theories from the various social sciences to the study of factors that influence the acquisition, consumption and disposition of products, services and ideas. The principles and theories from a number of disciplines are used to describe and explain consumer and buyer behavior including economics, psychology, social psychology, sociology, and anthropology.  

  • Offered: Periodically, Online.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 6301.

MRKT 6321   (3-3-0)   International Marketing

This course examines the marketing strategies related to the unique problems and opportunities firms face in the international environment. The effects of cultural differences, domestic and international regulations, as they affect marketing strategies and research methods, will be studied for the multinational firm.  

  • Offered: Spring, Online.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 6301.

MRKT 6331   (3-3-0)   Marketing Analysis

Overall course design is to investigate the inter-relationship of information needs between marketing research and marketing management. Emphasis is upon the methods and techniques that may be employed for the collection and analysis of primary data. Specific topics include design of research projects, questionnaire and sample design, primary data collection and analysis, as well as communication of results.  

  • Offered: Fall, Online.
  • Prerequisite: MANA 6303 or undergraduate equivalent, MRKT 6301.

MRKT 6340   (3-3-0)   Marketing Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations (S-L)

This course will focus on the importance of marketing (both internal and external) in the success of nonprofit organizations. Topics include determination of specific market targets, the development of product/service strategy, the dynamics of pricing of nonprofit services, the distribution or delivery of products or services to the various target markets, developing a customer orientation, designing the marketing mix and the development of promotional strategies to various groups.  This course contains a field-based service-learning component.

  • Offered: Spring.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 6301

MRKT 6341   (3-3-0)   Advanced Marketing Strategies

The course examines the explicit process of formulating organizational marketing goals and strategies. The marketing planning phases of formulation, integration, and implementation, including evaluation and feedback, are reviewed and applied in various organizational settings. The course combines course discussions with current marketing literature and case analyses. Course applications emphasize product marketing in the Fall term and services marketing in the Spring term.  

  • Offered: Spring, Online.
  • Prerequisite: MRKT 51.521, MRKT 6301.

MRKT 6397   (3-3-0)   Marketing for Non-Profit

Marketing for Non-Profit.  

  • Offered:
  • Prerequisite:

MRKT 6398   (3-3-0)   Special Topics in Marketing

May be repeated for credit when content changes. Grade replacement for special topics courses may only be accomplished under special topics courses with the same topic and content.  

  • Offered:
  • Prerequisite:

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