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Graduate Course Descriptions

MANA 6303   (3-3-0)   Research and Statistics

Statistics is the science of conducting studies to collect, organize, present, analyze, and draw conclusions from data. Descriptive statistics consists of the collection, organization, summarization, and presentation of the data. Inferential statistics consists of the analysis of data in order to draw conclusions when generalizing from a sample to a population. Students in this course will study both descriptive and inferential statistics, elements of probability which support statistical theory, and theoretical distributions. Tests of hypotheses will include z-tests, t-tests, chi-square tests, one-way and two-way analysis of variance, and nonparametric tests. Other topics are confidence intervals, correlation, linear regression, and multiple regression. Students will apply statistics to business decision making matters that require measurement, analysis, and decision making by business leadership position holders and will design, conduct, and report a study that demonstrates their statistical skills.   

  • Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.
  • Prerequisite: None.

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