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Graduate Course Descriptions

MAFM 6353   (3-3-0)   Ministry to Families

This course will survey what the church can do to minister to the family as a unit, not just as the individual parts of preschoolers, children, parents, or guardians. In this course students will explore biblical foundations of family ministry and will have the opportunity to learn skills related to understanding the social and cultural contexts of families and give them a foundation for designing and carrying out ministry with and through the family. Students will synthesize definition, principles, and best practices of family ministry considering the biblical mandates of scripture, mission of the church, and in light of the current trends in family ministry including and not limited to Family-Integrated Ministry, Family-Based Ministry, and Family-Equipping Ministry models.   

  • Offered: Online, Periodically.
  • Prerequisite: None.
  • Cross Listed Courses: MACH 6353

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