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MACM 5301   (3-3-0)   Foundations of Christian Ministry
This course is intended to give students a broad exposure to practical essentials for success in ministry in the 21st century. The course design includes the foundation of ministry, the formation of the minister, and the function of ministry in and through the local church. Special attention will be given to the areas of spiritual discipline, communication, team-building, conflict mediation, transparency and vulnerability, healthy families, financial management, basic planning and goal setting, healthy lifestyles, leadership development, and commitment to humble courage.   Fall, Winter, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6301   (3-3-0)   Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry
An introduction to the work of the chaplain in various settings: military, hospitals, hospice, industrial-marketplace, prisons, and other locations where chaplain services are offered. Topics will include a brief history of the chaplaincy, philosophy, theology, ministry tasks, competencies of chaplain ministry, as well as models and strategies for the chaplaincy. Considerable attention will be given to crisis care.   Periodically.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6302   (3-3-0)   Introduction to Ecumenical Liturgy
Individuals involved in chaplaincy ministry need an understanding of and appreciation for the diverse expressions of worship liturgy as practiced by various Christian religious entities including those of the Baptist, Lutheran, Anglican/Episcopalian, Methodist/Wesleyan, Reformed/Presbyterian, and Pentecostal/Charismatic traditions. In this course students will explore the unique history, theology, and praxis of these Christian traditions as well as liturgical considerations of certain non-Christian religions including Judaism and Islam. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of various modern-day corporate worship “styles” including the traditional, contemporary, blended, and emerging church worship paradigms.   Periodically.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6303   (3-3-0)   Conflict Resolution in Ministry
A course designed to introduce students to biblical principles of peacemaking and conflict resolution in Christian ministry and personal life. Topics covered will include a biblical view of conflict, spiritual warfare, responses to conflict, confrontation, confession, biblical forgiveness, and reconciliation.   Periodically.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6304   (3-3-0)   Victim Assistance Ministry Training
This course will incorporate the curriculum of the basic training program of the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) and will emphasize the fundamentals of crisis and trauma, how to adapt NOVA’s basic techniques to individuals and groups, and how to create a community-based crisis response team.  Periodically.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6309   (3-3-0)   Shepherding in the 21st Century
All ministry students are called to shepherding and caring ministry roles and responsibilities within their particular ministry context. This course is designed to equip students with core competencies enabling them to better shepherd and care for themselves as ministers, shepherd and care for individuals in their ministry context, and “equip the saints” to do shepherding and caring ministries “one to another” within the community of faith.   Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6310   (3-3-0)   Leadership in the Hispanic Christian Community
This ministry course will offer students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of leadership through a Latino context. The class explores the different Hispanic/Latino leadership approaches, cultural diversity and similarities within the Latino community, identifies methods of social change from Hispanic experiences, and strategies to reach out to the Hispanic community. To accomplish this, the course will focus on U.S. national and local issues facing the Latino community and prepare students to consider how they could be positive agents for change in a variety of Christian environments. The course will also provide a brief overview of Hispanic heritage and history to obtain a clearer understanding of leadership within the Christian Latino community of Faith. Online, Periodically.   Periodically.
Prerequisite: None.

MACM 6393   (3-3-0)   Christian Ministry Practicum (S-L)
This course is designed to give each student one semester of supervised practicum experience related to the student's vocational goal. Students will be paired with a full-time proven ministry practitioner for guidance and for on-the-job ministry experience exposure. Every effort will be made for students to observe the practitioner in his/her role, to carry out assignments for projects under the supervision of the practitioner, and/or the serve part time or full time in a ministry position related to his/her vocational goal. The student will meet with an assigned professor at least once each month during the semester for reporting and for discussions related to various practical ministry-related topics.   This course contains a field-based service-learning component. Periodically.
Prerequisite: Application for this course must be made through the MACM program director's office.
Cross Listed Courses: THEO 6393

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