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MACE 5302   (3-3-0)   Biblical Servant Leadership
This course will explore the practice of leadership from a biblical servant leader point of view and the various styles of leadership. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal set of leadership principles reflecting those of a servant. Considerations will also be given to developing people skills, team building skills, and conflict management skills. Students must take this course during their first year in the program. This 5000-level course is cross-listed with a 4000-level course and includes specific graduate course requirements which reflect appropriate deeper learning experiences and rigor in the higher-level course.  Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.
Cross Listed Courses: CHST 4312

MACE 6301   (3-3-0)   Introduction to Christian Education
This course provides an overview of the field of Christian education including basic concepts, organization and methods. Considerations will be given to current church practices and to developing a criterion for building a Great Commission driven education ministry for all age groups in the local church. Students must take this course during their first semester in the M.A.C.E. program.  Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6304   (3-3-0)   Philosophy and Principles of Christian Education
This course includes an overview of the history of Christian education. Focus will be given to the biblical and theological basis of Christian education in the church and especially the purpose of New Testament churches as it relates to education and evangelism.  Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6307   (3-3-0)   Church and Business Administration
This course reviews the philosophy and principles of church and business administration in relationships to ministry objectives. Areas considered in the study are: functional areas of church administration, preparing of a constitution and by-laws, church organization, planning, church staff development, staff meetings, office management, finances, facilities, food services, insurance, and legal issues related to personnel, taxes, and the security of children and others involved in church ministry.  Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6308   (3-3-0)   Evangelism, Missions, and Growth Through Education Ministry
This course will focus on the role of evangelism, missions, and growth in the education ministry of the church. It will include a study of church growth principles and their application in education ministry. The place of missions and mission activity development will be studied with special emphasis upon local community missions. Students will develop their personal testimony, learn to present the plan of salvation, and learn to teach lay leaders and members to witness. Some attention will be given to contemporary and innovative church growth methodologies.  Fall, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6309   (3-3-0)   Developing Lay Leaders in the Church
This course will give strong focus to developing a theology of service for church members and leaders that includes polity and the way a church organizes for its work. Areas covered are: discovering leaders through their spiritual gifts assessment, establishing a climate for service, effective ways for enlisting people to serve, providing training for service, establishing a climate for service, evaluating service, and providing support for those who serve.  Fall, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6310   (3-3-0)   Ministry Practicum (S-L)
This course is designed to give each student one semester of supervised practicum experience related to the student's vocational goal. Each student will be paired with a full-time practitioner for guidance and for hands-on experience. Every effort will be made for students to observe the practitioner in his/her role, to carry out assignments or projects under the supervision of the practitioner, or to serve part-time or full-time in a staff position related to his/her vocational goal. The student will receive guidance from the practicum professor and their respective supervisor during the semester for reporting and for discussions related to ministry. Students should take this course during their final semester in the program.  This course contains a field-based service-learning component. Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: Approval of the Director.
Cross Listed Courses: MAFM 6310

MACE 6314   (3-3-0)   Ministry with Adults
This course is designed to help students identify foundational issues of effective educational ministries with adults (married and single) in the local church. Adult developmental theories, ministries, programs, and educational approaches appropriate with adults will be included. Special attention will be given to reaching adults for Christ, church membership and ministry involvement.  Fall, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6315   (3-3-0)   Ministry with Senior Adults
This course is a study of the characteristics, needs, and potential of later adulthood. A review of biblical and theological foundation for senior adult ministry will be considered. Special emphasis will be given to church and education programming for ministry with seniors.   Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6317   (3-3-0)   Biblical Foundation and Models for Small Group Ministry
The student will explore models of Christian Education small group ministries, develop a biblical philosophy for small group ministry, and consider the multi-level relationship that must exist between the home church and the respective small group ministry relative to curriculum, leadership, and other resources.   Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6318   (3-3-0)   Equipping and Nurturing Small Group Leaders
The student will gain knowledge and skills for enlisting, organizing, developing, leading, and training leaders of small group ministries.   Fall, Spring, Summer.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6322   (3-3-0)   Introduction to Christian Counseling
A study will be made of the basic Christian and biblical methods used in Christian counseling. Special attention will be given to the specific and typical counseling and crisis issues during each life stage. The purpose of this course is to provide students with the basic tools of pastoral counseling that is distinctively Christian in contemporary issues related to various age groups of local church ministry.  Fall, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: None

MACE 6355   (3-3-0)   Recreation Ministry in the Church
This is a survey class designed to help students learn how to develop a comprehensive recreation ministry for the local church. This course will include an overview of various recreational elements including but not limited to sports and games, physical fitness, camping, adventure recreation, drama, interpretive movement, clowning, puppetry, and crafts. Special attention will be given to a philosophy of church recreation and ministry as well as to the work of the recreation minister in a local church. In addition, students will explore church recreation administration and discover the benefits of a recreation program that meets the needs of various age groups in the local church.  Fall, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6360   (3-3-0)   Communication Strategies for Ministry
Course will cover effective communication channels used in the church and denominational ministry. It will provide overview of the kinds of communication strategies such as verbal, print, art, drama, radio, television/film, multimedia, the Internet, and more. The course will also explore the process of communication analysis, internal and external audience communication, and include readings from various Christian publications as well as speaking and writing assignments in various contests.   
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6361   (3-3-0)   Writing and Editing for Christian Publishing
This course will help equip students in basic forms of writing for non-academic, general Christian communication, and curriculum as well as academic journals. Students will also evaluate various forms of Christian journalism and publishing. Focus will be given to improving writing and editing skills, writing for religious audiences, and understanding the publishing process. Students will write and edit a variety of pieces including opinion, editorial, devotionals, academic journal articles, feature articles, as well as developing, writing, and editing curriculum.  Fall.
Prerequisite: None.

MACE 6362   (3-3-0)   Christian Public Relations and Marketing for Ministry
The course will cover the principles, techniques, and tools of church public relations, including the role of publicity in the church and community. Learners will have an opportunity to develop a public relations campaign for a church or Christian ministry. In addition the course will cover the functions of marketing for the local church and denomination from producer to consumer. The course will include market analysis, planning a promotional campaign, and selecting a method of distribution.  

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