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Graduate Course Descriptions

EDUC 5376   (3-3-0)   Montessori History, Geography, and Philosophy

The M.A.T. with Montessori specialization is designed for students who are seeking a Master of Arts in Teaching with Montessori specialization concentrations Early Childhood (2.5 – 6 year old child) and Elementary Level I (6 – 9 year old child). The course provides students in the M.A.T. with Montessori specialization Elementary I concentration the philosophy and rational of the Elementary I Montessori content areas and philosophy and presents the lessons as they relate to the Montessori elementary history, geography, and philosophy. The elementary student is social and community is important to them at this developmental level. The courses will focus on actively relating these subjects to the community of the child.   

  • Offered: Spring.
  • Prerequisite: DBU Graduate School requirements and approval of Shelton Montessori Teacher Education Center.

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