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BUCM 6301   (3-3-0)   Directing Organization Communication
This course focuses on strategy for corporate and nonprofit organizations in directing organization communication through developing a communication plan. Students will learn relevant principles and practices of communication theory adaptive to public relations, corporate and nonprofit advocacy and advertising, crisis management and reputation control, marketing, employee relations and community perception.   Fall.
Prerequisite: MANA 51.521, MANA 51.522 and MRKT 51.521, or undergraduate equivalents.

BUCM 6302   (3-3-0)   Customer-Centric Communication
This course focuses on leading high performance work teams and coordinating departments throughout an organization to serve the customer, both internally and externally. Communication tools such as press releases, employee handbooks, blogging, word-of-mouth, and stakeholder materials will be reviewed. Comprehensive written and verbal communication with a focus on writing, creating, and delivering high-impact presentations using advanced computer graphics and persuasion styles will be studied. Enhancement of communication skills, techniques, and theories that lead to more persuasive, influential, and professional performance will be an integral part of the course.  Spring.
Prerequisite: BUCM 6301 and MISM 6314

BUCM 6304   (3-3-0)   Leadership in Global Business Communication
This capstone course applies communication on a global basis, integrating multiple cultures, diversity, economic, psychological, sociological, technological, legal and regulatory forces of a rapidly-globalizing marketplace. The capstone project will include components of business, communication, and training plans on the global environment.   Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: BUCM 6302 and MANA 6312.

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