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BIOL 1001   (0-0-1)   Science Boot Camp: Development of Biology Scholars

The objective of this non-credit course is to engage the freshman biology student in a faculty-facilitated program. This course is designed to enhance the learning experience of all biology majors through the tools of online activities, faculty lectures/seminars, group activities, and service learning opportunities. Within the discipline of biology and the objective of developing scientific scholars, a progressive range of topics will be covered, including: introduction to the scholastic community of University life, introduction to service-learning concept, individual learning styles assessment, study skills, and introduction to SURF Programs (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships). The course is required for all freshman and transfer students majoring in Biology and Natural Sciences and students in a pre-allied health track. Successful completion of the course upon successful completion of the assessment tools incorporated into the class and on faculty evaluation of students. Fall.
Prerequisite: None.

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