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READ 2100   (1-1-0)   Advanced Reading Skills

This course teaches students to increase their reading speed and comprehension by overcoming three bad reading habits: regression, sub-vocalization, and poor eye fixations. Most students at least double their reading speed. Course may be taken only one time for credit. Fall.
Prerequisite: None.

READ 3330   (3-3-0)   Introduction to Reading

A survey of the developmental and corrective instructional strategies utilized in reading programs, K-12. Foundations of emergent literacy, instructional frames for literacy instruction, and both teaching and learning strategies are introduced. Observation in a local school is required. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

READ 4010   (0-3-0)   English Language Arts and Reading 4-8 Seminar

This required course is designed to help students prepare for the Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES). The course will focus on content and sample questions from state authorized preparation manuals distributed by the Educational Testing Service. Information will also be gleaned from the state publication Proficiencies for Teachers in Learner-Centered Schools and other appropriate sources. Students must score a minimum of 85% on the TExES post-test in order to be authorized by the College of Education to take the TExES examination. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: Educator Preparation Program admission.

READ 4302   (3-3-0)   Scaffolding Literacy Instruction

READ 4302/5302 is a three-hour course for teacher candidates seeking EC-6 teacher certification. This is a pedagogy course designed to provide teacher candidates instruction in Guided Reading for elementary students. Students will explore the understanding of, the elements of, strategies for, and the value of a well-developed Guided Reading program. The coursework will provide opportunity for the teacher candidate to plan guided reading lessons and to plan for guided reading groups in an elementary classroom. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: READ 4335, READ 4336.
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5302

READ 4330   (3-3-0)   Recognizing and Instructing Struggling Readers

This course provides teacher candidates with the resources needed to determine specific reading problems and know how to instruct students to remediate in the reading problems. Candidates are instructed in current diagnostic tools used in the public schools such as TPRI, DRA, and Words Their Way. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: READ 4335 and READ 4336.

READ 4331   (3-3-0)   Reading in the Content Area

The major goal of the course is identifying and gaining an understanding about strategies and skills required to read successfully in various content areas. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: None.
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5331

READ 4332   (3-3-0)   Diagnosing and Correcting Reading Difficulties

An intensive study of specific techniques for diagnosing problem areas in reading and of remediation techniques for supplementing classroom and individual activities. Teacher candidate will be instructed in the use of current reading diagnostic tools used in public schools. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: All Reading Pedagogies required by the teacher candidate's degree plan.
Cross Listed Courses: SPED 4332, SPED 5332, READ 5332

READ 4333   (3-3-0)   Clinical for Diagnosing and Correcting Reading Difficulties

This is a course that gives teacher candidates the opportunity to work with public school students who have reading difficulties. The teacher candidate will, with the diagnostic tools learned in READ 4333 Diagnosing and Correcting Reading Difficulties, diagnose the reading problem and prescribe instructional strategies to improve the reading problems experienced by the public school student. In addition, the teacher candidate will meet regularly with the student for tutoring sessions. The teacher candidate will document the results of the tutoring sessions and write a final report on the student’s progress in reading. The teacher candidate will be required to travel to the public school during the hours that the students are in class. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: READ 4332 Diagnosing and Correcting Reading Difficulties.
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5333, SPED 4333/5333

READ 4334   (3-3-0)   Studies in the Diagnosis and Clinical Correction of Reading Issues

An intensive study of the scientific-based diagnostic and prescriptive techniques, utilizing best practices to identify specific strategies for enhancing the acquisition of reading skills. Directed field experience in diagnosing and correcting targeted reading issues will be required. Online.
Prerequisite: None.
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5334

READ 4335   (3-3-0)   Pedagogy of Reading I (Phonics)

This course is designed to instruct teacher candidates in phonics, its essential tie to learning how to read, the elements of phonics, how to use phonics to teach reading, and its relationship to fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Fall and Spring.
Prerequisite: None.
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5335

READ 4336   (3-3-0)   Pedagogy of Reading II (Comprehension)

This course is designed to instruct teacher candidates in the teaching of reading comprehension. Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: READ 4335
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5336

READ 4337   (3-3-0)   Pedagogy of Reading III (Literature and Visual Representation)

This course will survey children’s and young people’s literature as well as visual representations of reading material in various media. The teacher candidate will be required to read and create a database of literature for his/her level of certification. Fall, Spring, and Summer.
Prerequisite: EDUC 3313.
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5337

READ 4338   (3-3-0)   Pedagogy of Language Arts

This course explores the effective teaching of Language Arts using an integrated approach of speaking, writing, listening, and reading. The course emphasizes learning to evaluate student compositions using stated criteria and incorporating these assessments to design effective instruction that meets the diverse needs of the learners. Fall, Spring, and Summer.
Prerequisite: EDUC 3313
Cross Listed Courses: READ 5338

READ 4340   (3-3-0)   Adolescent Reading and Writing Instruction

This course will provide teacher candidates pursuing certification in 4-8 ELAR and 7-12 ELAR theory, strategies, practice, and resources for instructing adolescents in reading and language arts. In particular, the course will provide strategies for bridging gaps in reading as well as understanding and using appropriate grammar and writing conventions. Fall.
Prerequisite: EDUC 3313.

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