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MUSB 4380   (3-3-0)   Seminar in Music Business

A study of selected fields in the Music Business based on the individual interest of the student. The content of each field of study is to be developed through primary research, consisting of visits to the various businesses of interest (such as recording companies, talent agencies, production houses, etc.) and personal interviews with the appropriate personnel in each organization. This course is designed as an alternative to MUSB 4385 Internship in the Music Industry I for those students who either do not qualify for an internship or do not wish to participate in an internship project. Music Busines majors only or permissions of an instructor. Periodically.
Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy, Senior level status (90 hours), completion of required Music courses, required Music Business courses, required Business courses (last semester courses may be taken concurrently), and approval of intern coordinator. A letter grade of

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