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MISM 3320   (3-3-0)   Web Page and Database Design

This course focuses on effective web page planning, basic design, organization, layout and construction, and setup and maintenance of a Web site. The course places a heavy emphasis on Web site usability issues and security. Students will explore the languages and tools used in the ever changing world of Internet and World Wide Web Programming. This course examines the architecture of Web systems, the attributes of a good Web site, and tools for Web site enhancement. Additionally, this course provides students with the theory and techniques used to design a database and a Web page interface for that database. Elements of database design, concepts of data normalization, interface design, and security will be discussed. The concepts will be reinforced through the design of a database and a Web page interface for that database, as commonly used in a global business context. Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302, 2311, 3310 (S-L).

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