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Accounting Society. The purpose of the Accounting Society is to serve as a marketing arm for the accounting students at DBU. Leadership and interpersonal skills will be developed.

Christians in the Visual Arts. CIVA's concern is to define and expand the relationship between Art and Faith. Its purpose is to encourage Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional artistic level possible.

Delta Mu Delta. Delta Mu Delta promotes higher scholarship in training for business and recognizes and regards business administration students who have distinguished themselves scholastically.

Mu Delta Alpha. This organization provides opportunity for students with similar professional interests and goals to associate and become informed of current developments in the field of medicine, dentistry, and allied health sciences.

Pew Society. This organization is devoted to recruiting intelligent undergraduate students and challenging them with a vision to pursue graduate school, earn a Ph.D., and undertake a calling in a career as a Christian scholar and professor. The Pew Society sponsors a variety of programs and upper-level courses to meet this goal.

Psychology Club. This organization provides a forum on campus for those interested in fields of psychology.

The Student Education Association. This organization provides a pre-professional organization for students preparing to teach. SEA promotes awareness of professional teacher organizations, professional responsibilities, and effective teaching strategies as an auxiliary to the College of Education. Attendance is a requirement for education majors.


Honor Organizations

Alpha Chi. Alpha Chi is an honor organization for undergraduate students who rank at the junior or senior level and who have maintained a 3.5 or higher grade point average. The minimum required GPA will be determined by the membership limitations dictated by the current national constitution of Alpha Chi. The student invited to membership must have been a regular student at DBU for at least one academic year prior to election. Membership is a privilege and honor extended by invitation from the DBU Faculty Council or the Faculty Sponsors of the Texas Alpha Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi.

Alpha Sigma Lambda. Alpha Sigma Lambda is a national honor society that recognizes dedicated adult students who, while handling their life responsibilities, achieve and maintain high scholastic standards.

Alpha Sigma Omega. Alpha Sigma Omega is an honorary leadership and service organization for seniors. Opportunity for membership is extended to selected students whose lives exhibit excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and Christian ethics.

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