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Great things He hath taught us, great things He hath done.

"Just as these words from the beloved hymn describe God's love for us and our gratitude for His grace, they apply equally to the miraculous history of Dallas Baptist University. Time and again over the past one hundred years DBU has experienced the grace of God. It has grown from solid, yet humble, beginnings into a multi-faceted, thriving institution. Its earliest years tell the story of many devoted and visionary people who were committed to creating a school in Decatur, Texas, that would be an important asset to Texas Baptist higher education. The countless students and lives that were forever impacted by Decatur Baptist College can attest to their success.

But, God had ways to use the school beyond the scope of its original roots in Decatur. After nearly seventy years of existence, it became possible for the school to move to Dallas. The transition was accompanied by many difficult obstacles that often seemed potentially fatal to the college during such a vulnerable time. However, now with more than thirty years on University Hill overlooking Mountain Creek Lake, Dallas Baptist University continues to firmly hold its place among Texas Baptist institutions and the others schools of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

DBU is reaching more students than ever. They come from across the nation and around the world to be part of its continuing history. They come to experience its many innovative programs both in and out of the classroom, such as a college which recognizes the valuable experiential learning of adult students who return to meet their educational goals, a dynamic intercessory prayer ministry, and a nationally prominent baseball team. They come to be part of a school where the trustees, faculty, and staff demonstrate genuine care for them. Most importantly, they come to learn in an environment that unashamedly incorporates faith in Jesus Christ with the academic experience while they discover what God has in store for their lives.

As DBU looks back at its achievements in its over 100 year history and prepares for the opportunities of its next century, I can only echo the concluding words of the university hymn:

"And give Him the glory, great things He hath done."

- Dr. Gary Cook
President of Dallas Baptist University

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An Answered Prayer...

One day in 1966, about a year after Decatur Baptist College had relocated to Dallas, Clara Clay was working at the front desk of the library, then housed in what is now known as the Strickland Building.

A well-dressed gentleman came up to the desk and commented that he was visiting the campus. He said that thirty years earlier he and a friend were climbing the hills in southwest Dallas when they came to a place overlooking Mountain Creek Lake. One of them mentioned at the time that it "would be a wonderful location for a Christian college some day." The two men then "knelt on that spot and prayed that God would establish a Christian college" on what is now known as University Hill. The man told Mrs. Clay that he just "had to come to see the school that was the answer to their prayers."

Excerpt from TO GOD BE THE GLORY, The Centennial History of Dallas Baptist University, 1898-1998.


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