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1313 Woodcrest
Dallas, Texas 75331
July 21, 1998

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Joe Million. I was Ima A. Student's Manager during the time she worked for Mobile Manufacturing in the Human Resources Department. Ima served as a customer service representative and benefits specialist. I have known Ima for more than six years on both a personal and professional level.

Business Ethics: During the six years I have known Ima I have no doubts as to the high ethical standards she maintains in her personal and professional life. Ima is an individual who has had considerable responsibility dealing with customer accounts and confidential information and has handled every occasion without incident.

Motivation: Ima always encourages and motivates her co-workers to attain goals that might help them on the job and in their personal lives. She exhibits positive leadership skills and is dedicated to improving her personal and professional life. She is knowledgeable in business psychology and has demonstrated the ability to raise the morale of her fellow workers on numerous occasions.

Time and Stress Management: Ima has faced many situations in her personal and professional life that would seriously stress the average individual. Through her own initiative she has attended various workshops, read the literature and learned how to manage time and stressful situations. As a result, she has been a model for our organization and has led seminars in the office.

Communication Skills: Ima has, can, and does exploit the strategic characteristics of business correspondence as well as the techniques of verbal and visual business communication skills. She has learned the techniques of verbal and visual business communications skills and demonstrates those skills routinely in her job. She has learned to clearly phrase terms of a proposal, listen objectively to the counter terms, and to continue open dialogue until a cooperative agreement can be developed.


Joe Z. Million Manager

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