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The Dallas Baptist University Credit by Examination Program is a concept for personal enrichment, academic acceleration, and tuition aid. Dallas Baptist University recognizes that many students, independent of the college environment, have achieved the objectives and goals of certain college courses. Therefore, students may seek to establish credit hours by participating in the Credit by Examination Program as stipulated in this document. The examinations that comprise the basis of the DBU program are:

  • The College Board Achievement Tests
  • The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations
  • The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Examinations
  • Dallas Baptist University Departmental Course Examinations

The following policies, procedures, and minimum score requirements are applicable through the spring semester of 1999; however, the University reserves the right to make changes.

Credit is granted for examinations as specified in this document. Grades are not given for credit earned by examination, nor is this credit calculated in the DBU grade point average. These credits may be used to satisfy degree requirements, but do not apply to the thirty-two hour residency requirement. In addition, these credits may be used to meet prerequisites for advanced courses. Unsuccessful attempts to earn credit by examination will not be recorded. Credit by examination secured elsewhere by students transferring to DBU will be accepted only if the examinations and resulting scores meet the requirements stated in this document.

Responsibilities of the Student:
  • List DBU as the score recipient of the College Board examinations. Use code # 6159. Verify that any credit received is based on accurate test data and agrees with the information in this document. Notify the Office of the Registrar of qualifying scores if an Evaluation of Credit by Examination from DBU has not been received by one month after one's tendered admission to the University or two months after a test date. Provide the Office of the Registrar supplementary test reports if DBU was not designated as the original score recipient. Take an examination no later than June if the fall class schedule is contingent upon the results.
  • Change the class schedule if credit is granted in a course for which a student has already registered.

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