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LABEL ON SPINE OF BINDER:  (Must contain the following:)



    Student Name



   Major              (If Interdisciplinary - list both concentrations)



   Term/Year      (PRST 3303 class was taken)






INSIDE FRONT POCKET OF BINDER:  (No plastic sheet protectors)



   Letter to Evaluators               



   Portfolio Assessment Forms (Two stapled sets) w/ Cover Sheet on each



   Portfolio Checklist  (To be completed by student & instructor)



   Self-addressed, Stamped, #10 (letter size) Envelope



   Degree Declaration Form (only if your major has changed or you do not have an Official Degree Audit)



   Front pocket material secured with a clip.






INTRODUCTION:  (In plastic sheet protectors)



   Cover Sheet    (Nothing on back side)



   Table of Contents



   Notarized Statement Sheet






STUDENT PROFILE SECTION:  (In plastic sheet protectors)



   Divider Sheet with Tab  (Nothing on back side)



   Copy of  Transfer Evaluation Form (TRER)



   Copy of all Original Transcripts (If applicable)



   ACE/PONCI Transcripts  (If applicable)



   Copy of Official Degree Audit






   Autobiography  (Page numbers start here with SP-1, SP-2, etc., for this item)






PETITION SECTION:  (In plastic sheet protectors)



   Divider Sheet with Tab  (Nothing on back side)



   First page of each petition appears on the right-hand side of Portfolio



  A maximum of two pages per plastic sheet protector (back to back)



  Petitions are related to the declared major and/or in one area outside the student’s major.



   Approved course prefixes and appropriate course numbers are used.



   Titles fit course description and are not similar to DBU course titles 



   Course Descriptions have at least 3 key points – numbered and underlined



   Each CE has at least one LO



   CE’s & LO’s are bulleted



   Each petition has an Applications and Implications section



   Each petition is at least 5 full pages in length



   Page numbers restart with P-1 and are continuous through the petition section






DOCUMENTATION SECTION:  (In plastic sheet protectors)



Divider Sheet with Tab    (Nothing on back side)



   An Annotated Bibliography is included



   Supporting documentation is included for each petition



   Each piece of documentation has an identification label



   Page numbers restart with D-1 and are continuous through the documentation section









   Each plastic sheet has front-to-back material  (Except Divider Sheet)



   All sections (except Documentation) are single-spaced, 12 point Font, and 1” borders



   Page numbers coincide with the Table of Contents

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