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Master of Arts in Student Ministry

(Youth and Collegiate)

Jan Daehnert, D.Min., Acting Program Director


The Master of Arts in Student Ministry is designed to equip student ministers with the foundation and skills that will enable them to minister effectively to students and their families in contemporary cultural settings. It will provide student ministers with theological and transformational study in the practice of contemporary student ministry.

The program will provide student ministers (youth, collegiate, or combination positions) with foundations for theological, educational, and practical programming for effective student ministry.  It will combine academic training and practical classroom application that will focus intently on contemporary student ministry practice.  It will also equip students in foundational biblical leadership principles. 

The program consists of 18 hours of core courses and 18 hours of program specific courses, for a total of 36 hours.

Why DBU's M.A. in Student Ministry?

The world is changing, and it is imperative that the way we do student ministry changes with it. It is our desire at DBU to provide an education that will enable student ministers to cut to the heart of culture with the gospel and do our part to be the kind of transformational agents God has called us to be. If our theology is not sound and our methodology is not contemporary, we are in danger of missing this generation with the message of hope Jesus Christ offers that they desperately need and are seeking.

Student Testimonials

“I would recommend DBU to anyone who is looking for a university where the people are caring, giving, and true brothers and sisters in Christ both on and off the campus.” –Ryan Kreck

“All the classes have presented ways to apply the material to your field of study right now. The professors are accommodating for student schedules and are available for consultation.” -Chela Miller

"One of the great things about the Graduate School of Ministry is the opportunity to pursue a dual degree program.  As someone who feels the Lord has called me to minister to college students, the option of getting both a degree in Student Ministry and in Higher Education has been very helpful.  Although both degrees separately are fantastic, being able to combine the ministry side and the university administration side has been a double blessing.  My dual degree is helping me figure out the direction the Lord is taking me as well as helping me fine tune the gifts I have been given." -Erica Valenta 


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